Parisian Abroad: A French girl down-under

I’m Stephanie, founder of Parisian Abroad. I was born and raised in Paris and moved to Australia in 2017 with a Working Holiday Visa. I met my  Australian partner Cary here so now I live in Melbourne with him and our cat Taco! I am waiting for my permanent residency in Australia but I try to go back to France at least once a year.

I started this French Lifestyle blog because I always loved writing and sharing my experiences. And what better way to share them than to talk about my love for my home country. Even if I live in Australia now, I miss France (and especially Paris) every day. I meet a lot of people interested in the way French live: whether it’s about food, culture or fashion. Therefore I decided to write about these topics in my blog!
I also share my go-to places in France and Australia. 

My blog is for lovers of the French way of life, and for travellers wanting to live in or visit France! I hope you’ll find some useful insights about:

LIfestyle French-inspired 

Travel itineraries from my trips 

I’d love to gather a community around these two topics! If that’s something you’re interested in, please follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter! I love connecting with people all around the world!

More about me

Most of my time I spend binge-watching TV shows, calling my family and friends in Paris, or discovering new cafés in Melbourne.
I am a cat lover, travel addict and obsessed with cheese platters!
I love dying my hair, the colour pink and glitter. Yeah, random facts.
Like my partner say, I can never stop talking so please don’t hesitate to connect with me, I love discussing… pretty much anything. For collaborations, head to the Contact page 🙂
A bientôt!