Moving to Australia? Find out which city is best for you

If you’re planning to come to Australia soon, you’re probably wondering which city to settle in.
This post has the answer!
Focusing on the 4 main big cities, I’ll describe what you can expect in each one.

Melbourne- The most “European” Australian city. If you’re from Europe, you won’t have any trouble adapting to this multicultural atmosphere. There is an awesome coffee culture and one of my favourite thing to do is trying one of the multiple quirky cafés Melbourne has to offer. Check out live music venues and hidden bars in the CBD or trendy suburbs like Fitzroy or Brunswick.
Most “sportive” town in Australia, Melbourne host a lot of sport events, like the Australian Open and the AFL Grand Final.
The weather is known to be “4 seasons in a day” so be prepared to carry an umbrella AND sunscreen at the same time! St Kilda is the most famous beach in Melbourne but if you want nicer beaches, you’ll have to drive out of the city.

Sydney- If you’re looking for a mix between busy city and being able to surf after work then Sydney is perfect! With Bondi Beach near the CBD, it is easy to relax on the sand for the afternoon, just be aware of crowds!
Great surf culture and nightlife, with a lot of gorgeous national parks and beaches around.
My favourite thing to do is taking the ferry to Manly, a chill neighbourhood north of Sydney.
It is the most expensive Australian town but there is a lot of job opportunities!

Brisbane- Sunny Brisbane is ideally located to visit the Gold Coast and Byron Bay.
Smaller than Melbourne and Sydney so less job opportunities but more affordable cost of life.
CBD is marked with the Brisbane River and numerous green spaces. Summer and relaxed atmosphere all year round.
I loved the footpath along the river and the lagoon is really popular in summer! The weather is sunny everyday but be careful of storms as the climate is more tropical.

Perth- A good compromise between nature and city life. Perth is very relaxing and has a lot of cool parks near the CBD. Really nice beaches around and pleasant temperatures all year.
Less popular among travellers so plenty of job opportunities.
One of my favourite sunset ever was in Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, a must do!
You can plan a day trip to beautiful Rottnest Island and meet the happiest animal, the quokka!

No matter which city you’ll choose, no doubt you’ll fall in love with it and will want to visit the others!
Which city are you planning on settling in? If you already are in Australia, which city do you live in?


  1. Silvi says:

    I really want to go to Australia, But There is no Money for now. I hope someday

    1. Stephanie says:

      Save as much money as you can and go whenever you’re ready 🙂

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