Why I love living in Australia

If you consider moving to Australia, this article will tell you what I love about living here and my go-to places.

The coffee
Ok so especially living in Melbourne, the coffee is SO GOOD! I never drank coffee before coming to Australia but when you are here, you just have too. Because so many different cultures migrated to Australia, years of expertise have been combined into creating some of the most delicious coffee you can find. The only problem with amazing coffee is once you start it’s hard to stop. Grinders Coffee in Melbourne is my fav, I used to go there everyday before work, the baristas are super friendly.

The cafés
What I love doing the most is discovering new little cute cafés and choosing what to eat from the menu. Between the traditional smashed avo to corn fritters, cafés food in Australia is delicious, the atmosphere is chill… I can spend hours there, catching up with friends and ordering my fifth cappuccino 😛Recently I’ve discovered Acustico in Melbourne, Brother Jenkins in Cairns and Le Paris-Go in Sydney.

Kmart and supermarkets open 24/7
In France, supermarkets close at 7pm. In Australia you can do your groceries or buy supplies at Kmart at anytime. I think it’s really cool and helpful especially when you don’t have time do to it during the day or when you remember at 3am that you need something for the next day. Yes, sometimes I NEED to buy a cheese platter at 2am!

The beaches
The beaches are beautiful and innumerable in Oz. From a Parisian girl who always lived in a city far from the beach, I found it amazing that I can drive 30 minutes and find a beach to relax and get away from the city. I usually go to Elwood Beach but the beaches outside the city are nicer in Melbourne, Eagles Nest is definitely one of my favourite.

I used to HATE camping, as a typical Parisian girl I thought it was dirty and boring. My Australian partner took me on a “camping date” once, and I loved it ever since! You can do a lot of fun things, you reconnect with the nature and there is just a general feeling of serenity and freedom that you don’t get when you’ve never been camping. Tips for beginners: don’t forget a lamp, hand sanitiser and some card games.

The Nightlife
There is so many cool bars and restaurants, funky clubs and entertainment venues! I wish I had enough time to visit them all. My favourite places to go to in Melbourne would be Naked for Satan (for a bar), My Aeon (for a nightclub) and SpudBar (for a healthy meal). I’ve recently been to Holey Moley Golf Club and I recommend it to everyone, it’s great fun and the atmosphere/decoration is amazing!

Cheap rent
Once again coming from Paris, I find rent extremely cheap here. For a house I pay monthly way less than what I used to pay for a tiny studio in Paris. A good way to pay cheap rent here is to have roommates and divide the rent payment.

Australian wildlife
It is cliché but I found kangaroos and koalas so cute and I’m always so excited to see one. Living in Melbourne you don’t see them often but every time I went on a road trip or a walk in the bush you can spot them, if you’re patient and quiet! If you’re around Melbourne the best place to see them is The Grampians National Park.

What do YOU love about Australia? Comment your favourites cafes, beaches, nightclubs…


  1. Katherine says:

    I love it! I can’t wait to visit this country and who knows, maybe moving there long term one day

    1. Stephanie says:

      Thanks! 🙂
      Yeah you definitely should!

  2. طيف says:

    thanks for this informative article

    1. Stephanie says:

      You’re welcome!

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