10 reasons cats are better than dogs

Yes, I’m a cat person! Long story short, I was bitten by a dog when I was little and I’ve always been scared of them. I just think cats are cuter and easier to live with. Here are the 10 reasons why I believe cats surpass dogs as furry little companions:

10. They are independent. No need to take them for a walk, they know where to poo and are happy staying by themselves!

9. They are smart. Cats look like they are always calculating and planning what they’re doing. Just look at him when his human is cleaning the litter, cats are maliciously smart.

8. They are the best for cuddles. Dogs, especially big ones are not ideal for sleeping in bed and they’re often heavy. On the contrary, it is so easy to lift a cat off the floor, cuddling him with his soft skin and sleeping next to him (or with him on our head lol).

7. They are quiet!! Besides some meow here and then, cats are super quiet compared to dogs. And I find their meow calming, unlike dogs’s barking sound.

6. They are clean. Yep, cats clean themselves and don’t smell like dogs!

5. They are cheaper to own. Cats food, toys and health care are usually cheaper than dogs! Plus, you don’t have to hire a sitter every time you leave the house for a while, cats are content staying alone.

4. They are mysterious. I can honestly look at my cats for houuuurs, I am so intrigued by their behaviour, their staring faces and I always wonder what they are thinking! There is a myth saying that cats can see ghosts, which would make a lot of sense if it turned out to be true ahahah.

3. They always do weird, hilarious things. Just look at the number and popularity of cats videos on Youtube. It’s insane! Cats are renowned for their funny, senseless behaviour and it honestly always cheers me up watching my cats come up with so many creative actions.

2. They are LA-ZY. Yeah, so it means they won’t bother you 24/7, they’ll let you do your thing (maybe while staring) and as said above unlike dogs they don’t need to go on a walk every day to spend their energy!

1. Kittens are honestly the CUTEST thing ever. OMG. How can you resist their adorable faces, cute little paws and basically them doing ANYTHING. It’s almost too much how adorable it is. Not saying puppies aren’t lovely but I’m sorry, kittens win! And how good are cats on pictures! They love it.

Are you a dog or cat person?